Are You Searching For That Natural Stone Look, But At An Affordable Price?

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March 2, 2018
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Are you searching for that natural stone look, but at an affordable price?

Choosing the right countertops for your home and staying within a budget may seem like a very difficult task to do. On average countertops today can cost you $40 to $100 per square foot installed and you may want to consider all your options before making any major purchasing decisions. Whether you’re in the marketplace to upgrade any existing countertops, trying to increase the sales value of your house, or just simply starting from square one the following information can be beneficial to you.
Although Granite surfaces typically range from $50 to $250 per square foot and may feel like the idol standard set, there are still plenty more budget friendly options out there today that imitate the natural stone look and appear just as classy.
Solid surfaces like Corian, engineered stone surfaces like Quartz, and tiled surfaces such as; Ceramic, Porcelain and Stone are all considered to be lucrative material options that are both durable, and give off a similar natural stone appearance if applied correctly. Corian countertops at just $40 to $60 per square foot once shared the same status that Granite surfaces have today, for their seamless installation process and variety. Engineered Quartz surfaces can cost you anywhere between $40 to $150 per square foot depending on the quality of the brand, and tiled surfaces can start as low as $10 per square foot but take up more of your time and labour to mount accurately.
Other more recently trending surfaces that fall under affordability are Solid Wood or Butchered Block countertops. Keep in mind at $30 to $40 per square foot; wooden countertops may seem like the easy cost-efficient method in the short run, however in the long run they require higher maintenance as compared to stone. You can easily mess up the surface by scratching with a knife when cooking, and will need to constantly sand out stains. Stone surfaces are much easier to clean and maintain in comparison and don’t easily burn or scratch.
Nevertheless If you’re in the market to make an even more trendier statement, additional unique Eco-friendly surfaces such as Bamboo, Concrete and recycled Glass have also recently gained popularity and offer plenty of customization opportunities such as tints, dyes and stains in concrete or LED lighting options in glass.
However the best tradition approach without breaking the bank will always be Laminate countertops. Laminate surfaces have retained their popularity due to their cost-cautious customer base. At just around $12 to $40 per square foot installed, you can get a variety of color selections and may even find faux patterning similar to stone but don’t be fooled, you are getting what you paid for! Laminate surfaces tend to damage easily from hot pans, aren’t scratch proof, and do not add any resale value to your house.
In conclusion whichever surface material you do decide on, it’s always viable to consider how long you plan on living in your home, if you’re planning to upgrade your cabinetry/fixtures in the future, and if the particular surface material you choose will suit your everyday use of space.

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