DIY Stone Chip Repair?

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March 2, 2018
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March 13, 2018

DIY Stone Chip Repair

Stone surfaces are sturdy and durable, which is why most people prefer to install them in their homes and offices. However, if a heavy object falls on the surface, it may get chipped, cracked – or worse, break split into pieces. If you have had the misfortune of getting your stone surface damaged, don’t lose your heart – here’s an effective DIY technique to repair a chipped stone surface or even fill in a small dent.

Things you’ll need

• Surface cleaner (preferably ammonia-based) or ACETONE.
• Epoxy or superglue
• Sandpaper (400+ grit)
• Razor blade
• Sponge or a small piece of towel
• Masking tape
Precaution: Wear safety gloves to prevent your skin from coming in contact with the cleaner or glue.


  1. Dust and dry clean the chipped stone surface you want to repair.
  2. Spray ammonia-based cleaner or acetone on the surface and clean it, rubbing thoroughly with a small piece of towel. Allow it to dry.
  3. When the surface has completely dried, circumscribe the area closely surrounding the chip on the stone surface using masking tape. This will make it convenient for you to repair the chip without creating a mess all over the surface – or worse, ending up causing even more damage.
  4. Now take epoxy or super glue and pour it into the chipped area using a nozzle. Pour it slowly until the glow levels with the surface. Do not fill it hurriedly, as it might leave air bubbles inside which would affect the durability of repair work. Moreover, it might end up spilling glue all over.
  5. Once you have carefully filled the chip with epoxy glue, allow it to dry on its own. This may take around 24 hours to harden and dry completely. Make sure you do not poke or prod it with your finger or anything or else you’d leave marks on the glue surface.
  6. When you’re absolutely sure that the glue has dried, pull off masking tape marking the area.
  7. Now take a new, sharp razor blade. Keep it straight, perpendicular to the stone surface and drag it over the dried glue surface to scrape off excess glue and to smoothen the surface. Repeat the process, gently scraping the surface three to four times.
  8. Most countertops are polished to give it a soft and subtle shine. In order for your glue-filled chip to flush with the rest of the surface, take a small piece of sandpaper, dampen it with a little water and gently rub the surface. This will give it a polished effect and help camouflage the repaired chip.



It is important to note that this method is only effective for small-sized chips. In case of bigger cracks, chips or fissures, we advise you not to deal with the issue on your own. A DIY repair attempt in such a case will only result in causing more damage, and you might even have to replace the countertop or stone surface altogether. We suggest you call in a stone repair professional for a thorough assessment and to repair your chipped stone surface efficiently.

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