How to Take Accurate Measurements of Your Countertops?

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March 2, 2018

How to Take Accurate Measurements of Your Countertops?

Accurate measurements are essential for the construction and installation of any type of countertop. It is important to provide your kitchen/bath consultants with the following appropriate layout information, before the production of your new countertops can begin.

Stone countertops such as Granite, Quartz or Marble require a much more significant approach when it comes to templating. Since you can’t always necessarily add extra material in the end to fill in any breaks or openings, it’s important to provide all the information beforehand to prevent any mishaps from happening.

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional. Most kitchen and bath companies today have their own templaters on hand, who they send over to measure/template to ensure that only quality drawings are being submitted with all orders and to stop any major mishaps from occurring.

Make a rough drawing of your kitchen or bathroom on a piece of paper (it doesn’t have to be perfect or to scale). Follow the example below and make sure the following information is included:

  1. Print out a template Here and follow along.
  2. Start by drawing in a rough outline of your existing kitchen or vanity layout.
  3. Take a measuring tape and start at one end of your existing countertop. Measure the counters out from edge to edge.
  4. Work your way around the layout focussing on just the countertop spaces the first time around. Once you have finished drawing in the counters, we can begin to add in any fixtures that may apply to your design afterwards.
  5. Now that you have your basic countertop layout completed, you can begin adding in the following fixtures that may apply to your design.

Indicate the following dimensions (measurements) that may apply to your design:

  1. Stove range specifications, location, length, width and depth.
  2. Cooktop cut-out location, length, width and depth.
  3. Sink specifications, location, length, width and depth.
  4. Faucet specifications.
  5. Fridge location, length, width and depth.
  6. Countertop outlet locations and dimensions for cut-out purposes.
  7. Window height from countertop for backsplash installation purposes.
  8. All locations, specifications and dimensions of any wall mount fixtures such as: wall ovens, telephones, lights, speakers etc. that you think may be necessary for countertop and or backsplash installation purposes.
  9. Always double-check all your measurements before submitting any drawings.

With the above information, your kitchen/bath specialists can easily be able to help you with the planning and pricing of your new countertops.

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