Why Laser Measurements Are The Best and Used in Stone Fabrication?

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March 19, 2018
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 Why Laser Measurements Are The Best and Used in Stone Fabrication?


CNC machining is used in stone fabrication.  These machines are fed with laser measured DXF files.

In this blog, you will read about the reasons why laser measurements are used to cut stones like marble, granite, quartz, etc.

High Accuracy

Laser measuring machines generate light energy of approx. 900 nanometers wavelength.  With such speed and calculated frame of working, laser measurement technology has an accuracy rate of 98%.   This precision in every measurement flows through all machining systems in a production facility.

Functional, Cost-efficient, Reliable and Convenient

Laser technology is considered 61% more functional than other conventional methods. Laser routers, measuring tools and cutters operate on similar laser technology and is a convenience in stone fabrication.

There is a higher cost-efficiency and time saving realized due to laser measurements. Stone slabs are expensive and having to recut or reorder material due to inaccurate measurements can become costly mistakes.  Slab costs, labor time, wages, and other industrial costs are lower when the use of laser measurements is employed. Indeed, when the costs of production are lower—the price is lower for the customer as well.

Similarly, there are fewer delays on renovation projects due to the reliability associated with laser measurements. Accurate measurements are reliable measurements.

Furthermore, stone can be cut at angles that only lasers can measure. Most walls are not straight, and laser measurements capture this information so that stone is cut accordingly.

Finally, precise cuts to the millimeter are realized because CNC machining is accurate to the millimeter. Laser measurements facilitate precision CNC machining.

Better Installation

The increase in accuracy ensures that the stone fits better into the space measured. Installations are smoother, and with fewer surprises/glitches.

Vein Match

Marble, granite, quartz and other natural or engineered stones have patterns or veins. The difficult job of vein matching is made easier by the use of laser measurements.  When laser technology is used in design calculation, the production team is able to create an appealing design.

In summary, the aforementioned reasons make laser measurements very valuable in the stone fabrication business.

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